01What do we do?

Our carefully designed selection process guarantees the high quality of the projects we offer you. We select based on:

  • Return
  • Reliability
  • Value increase
  • Unburdening from A to Z

With you together we will analyse the possibilities, design an investment profile and draft a capital plan. In this manner we will build an investment plan that will grant you the carefree future you deserve.

Investing in real estate is a lot more complex than just buying and selling. We offer you the total package of services, specially tailored to your needs to unburden you. You can count on us regarding:

  • Maintenance of construction ready property
  • Renting and maintenance of buildings
  • Follow up on rent payable
  • Administrative support
  • Guidance during legal and fiscal affairs
  • Full support at optimizing your capital, structuring of pension budget

Our specialists are ready to advise you and support you with every possible aspect regarding investing in real estate. Your patrimony is our passion.

02Real Estate Investments

Brixclusive is a team of experts with loads of experience and know-how. We make investing in real estate pleasant and easy. Two key factors that make investing beneficial for you: our pre- and after-care

A real estate investment must fit you. The projects we offer you, have to match your vision and resonate with you. Therefore, we can offer you a wide variety of projects. You decide the type of real estate and the type of return you prefer.This enables you to invest carefree. We have classified the types of real estate investments in the following manner:


Investment with guaranteed income and added value at sale

Investment with guaranteed income and added value at sale

Guaranteed yearly gross return of ~ 6% gross + return at sale of 10-20%
(* after 10 years with leverage of loan)

-real estate in full ownership
-guaranteed (monthly) income
-added value at sale
-full management service by local partner
-leverage by using credit

For example:
Real estate (single-family house) with guaranteed rent income in social housing sector
Real estate (apartments) with guaranteed rent income
Vacation homes with guaranteed rent income


Investment with fixed return

Investment with fixed return

Guaranteed yearly gross return of 6 to 9%

-yearly income of capitalization till the end of the runtime
-fixed return
-fixed runtime

For example:
Short term loan with guaranteed return for real estate development


Investment with capital gain at sale

Investment with capital gain at sale

Gross return of 8-15% at sale

-full ownership
-maintenance by local partner
-high quality location

For example:
Development ready property for villas yet without the obligation to develop